Minggu, 11 Desember 2011

teks explanation

Explanation text is a text genre which tries to explain how a thing happens or why the thing is made. Explanation text actually is similar to procedure text, however, explanation text tends to explain. While the procedure text is intended to instruct how to form or make something. Bellow are some examples of explanation text which are grouped into several topics. This list of links relating to explanation text hopefully helps students to get more understanding about text genres, especially an explanation text. Explanation texts about food How a chocolate is made Explanation texts about toy play How a kite flies Explanation texts about natural phenomena: How a tsunami happens How a Venus eclipse happens How an earthquake happens How rain happens How seasons happen How day and night happens Why daylight in summer is longer than in winter Explanation texts about technology How a cell phone works How a fuel light works Explanation texts about monumental things How roman roads were built Why Eiffel tower was built Explanation texts about diseases How a cancer is formed If you want to know what the purpose, generic structure, and language feature of explanation text are. read the following post What is an explanation text? If you want to know the similarity and difference between a report and procedure text, read the following post Report text vs procedure text Additionally if you want to know the summary of text types "Ringkasan jenis text dalam bahasa Inggris, read the following post The summary of English text types

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